Sinus Induced Tinnitus

Tinnitus as a result of sinus problems is caused by a thickening of the mucous in your inner ear as a result of side effects of prescription or ant-histamine medications.

Normally these medications are taken over a lengthy period in order to control or manage your sinus and allergy problems. The mucous in the inner or middle ear often becomes too thick to easily drain away through the Eustachian tubes, resulting in a pressure build-up because of this mucous which can then lead inner ear infections, middle ear infections and tinnitus.

The video above explains this whole process in detail as well as how you can easily obtain relief from this tinnitus type.

The noises and sounds associated with tinnitus from sinus often include:

  • a ringing tone in the ear which comes and goes, lasting a few seconds at a time
  • gurgling whirring sounds
  • high pitched ringing sounds
  • clucking or cracking sounds

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Your thoughts or questions... (4 comments So Far)

  1. dave


    thank you for all this education. i developed a very stuffy nose from years of woodworking / exposure to dust. wore a dust mask but it wasn’t sufficient. would try to clear my stuffed nose daily by cupping water in my hand, inhaling the water to soften the junk in my nose, and then blowing out. ( now i discovered a good irrigation device). never used any kind of meds of any kind for this nasal congestion. 2 weeks ago i blew my nose and this was followed by a ringtone, which dissapated. the ringtone occurs every 1-2 days for a short period. however, i have a “cicada” type ringing in both ears, 24/7. since no meds were ever involved, is it nonetheless possible that i have sinus-caused tinnitus from the water and nose blowing i’ve described ? might i have caused mucous to block my inner ears ? and, what would you suggest ? THANK YOU so much. .

  2. John

    Dave, the cicada type ringing you are experiencing 24/7 is typical of cochlea damage tinnitus and not sinus induced tinnitus.

  3. Due bad head cold a couple of weeks ago I noticed that my ears were ringing rather loud 24/7. I do suffer with sinus and head cold .I have type 3 and 4 are thsese tables the correct ones for my problem .or do I just need the one type .

  4. Zafi Husain

    Hello John,

    Mine is cicada type ringing which I am experiencing 24/7. As you stated in Dave’s case it is not
    sinus induced tinnitus then what is the remedy for that?

    3 weeks ago any noise or talk sounds very loud in my right ear and there is partial loss of hearing.

    Any solution?

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