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The Living Tinnitus Free™ program is a total system that will take you by the hand  and show you how to completely eliminate the pain and suffering of tinnitus from your life.

Discover how Ellen Currie learned to control her tinnitus and eventually eliminated her tinnitus completely. 
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  • The 250 page eBook version of Living Tinnitus Free™ (immediate download)
  • A Free One-On-One 15 Minute Tinnitus Consultation with tinnitus expert Ellen Currie.
  • The PRINTED version of Living Tinnitus Free (The complete unabridged version – 250 pages as sold on
  • A huge free range of Free Tinnitus Masking Audios to download or listen to online.
  • A Unique Frequency Tester to establish your tinnitus frequency. This helps enormously if you’d like to personalize your tinnitus masking audios or CDs.
  • A large range of tinnitus masking audios and CDs which can be personalized with your tinnitus frequency added.
  • Free Webinars with industry experts such as audiologists, ENT doctors, life coaches, hypnotherapists, depression experts, sleep consultants and lots more.
  • Ongoing, Personal support via the telephone, the forum, email or Skype
  • A large tinnitus support website with videos on most pages
  • Discounted access to the time tested and PROVEN T-Gone range of homeopathic and vitamin based tinnitus treatment remedies.

Ellen has titled her eBook, “Living Tinnitus Free™” and it’s a 250-page tinnitus Bible that shows you how to precisely discover the causes of your tinnitus and details methods to quickly and safely reduce and eliminate the ringing in your ears. She has been tinnitus free since 1999 and so can you!

  • You will learn how to actually gain significant relief within days and to eliminate tinnitus within two short months!
  • Also see how easy it is to get to the stage where tinnitus is simply no longer a factor in your life, regain your health and vitality and PLUS get to sleep easily once again
  • If you were to couple that commitment of yours with the huge amount of tinnitus knowledge you will get from the Living Tinnitus Free eBook, plus you utilize the incredible amount of free support services offered, your tinnitus would simply fade away!

The book and the supporting website covers every facet of ringing in the ears tinnitus in plain, simple and easy to understand English. You will NOT see a supporting website PLUS a private tinnitus forum anywhere else!

There’s no fluff, no gimmicks and no outdated information. It is a complete A to Z tinnitus solution that will work wonders for you starting today.

Ellen has poured her heart out in this book, which is compiled from her actual journals that she wrote on her long tinnitus journey in the 1990′s. During this time she discovered that no tinnitus miracle was going to occur, the medical fraternity were of little or no help, and if she was to cure her tinnitus, or at least get some reduction in the levels, she would need to either accept it, and live with it or fight it!

She chose the latter, and all her knowledge gained over her ten year fight with tinnitus is detailed right here in this book. She have dedicated her life to helping people with tinnitus to get to grips with it and to learn how to control tinnitus.

  • The Living Tinnitus Free™ system has helped countless thousands of people with tinnitus and I know it will help you as well as has helped many satisfied clients below have …

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If you’d like to enjoy the same relief these people have, why not join them?

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  • The book, as you’ll soon see is 100% based on my experiences,  someone who’s been there and done that.
  • I have walked a mile in your shoes!
  • I’m handing you a tested and proven solution on a silver platter … that could easily sell for $197 or even $147 but today’s limited time special offer is certainly worth every penny and then some!
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  • Just think for a minute what it would cost you to visit and quiz an ENT doctor, your audiologist, a hypnotherapist or a life coach?
  • I’ve checked out every other book on the market and it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Most of them only offer you an eBook, and nothing else!
  • You deserve better, you deserve the truth and relief. I’m putting my personal and business reputation on the line to prove every word in my book will work for you.
  • That is why I have created the private tinnitus forum, and the other free support services.
  • Remember, there are no repeat payments, just the ONE-TIME charge!
  • You will also receive lifetime discounts to the world renowned T-Gone tinnitus remedies which have helped countless thousands of people with tinnitus.
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52 Free Weekly tinnitus update newsletters.
Ellen’s updated, 20 page Stress Reduction report.
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The powerful, 205 page eBook entitled
Eat, and Grow Younger
Ellen’s 20 page Immune System booster
report entitled
Immune System Secrets
The amazing 168 page eBook
The Power of Positive Living
Eat and grow younger Immune System Secrets power of positive living
You Need Look No Further For Tinnitus Treatments!

The Living Tinnitus Free™ system has got you covered in every aspect of tinnitus, from learning about tinnitus, to discovering the cause of your tinnitus, to recommendations on how to treat your specific tinnitus case, free tinnitus masking audios to download, ongoing tinnitus support and most importantly, the knowledge that we have got your back!

  • You will have good days and most probably will have some bad days, but we’ll  be there for you on all days.
  • The Living Tinnitus Free™ eBook will not show you any tinnitus miracles, just tried and tested methodologies and treatments that have stood the test of time. You will need to work at it, and we will help you every step of the way! But just stick to the plan and you will be amazed at how FAST this total tinnitus elimination system works!

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